The Priem Family Foundation



About the Foundation


The Priem Family Foundation was established by the entrepreneur Curtis R. Priem and his wife, Veronica, in September of 1999.  The Foundation is a private non-profit foundation incorporated in the State of California.


Foundation's Purpose


The Foundation's purpose, as stated in the articles of incorporation, is the reduction of non-human induced suffering.


Most foundations are created to reduce suffering.  However, most of the suffering in the world is caused by ourselves or other human beings.  Our belief is that most suffering can be avoided since it is within our control to begin with.  The Foundation does not support activities that reduce suffering once the damage is done.  To reduce suffering after the fact is very expensive and normally encourages the behavior that brought on the suffering in the first place.  We believe that in focusing mainly on education and nature conservation we will increase opportunities to improve the future and environment in a global way.



Foundation Current Activities


The following are a few of the Foundation's current activities:


Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center

State of the art performing arts and research center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.



Molecularium Project

IMAX movie that takes kids on a journey through the molecular-scale world of nanotechnology developed at RPI's Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center.



Wild About Otters

Fresh water otter exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA.



East Bay Regional Park District

Joint acquisition of 1,476 acres of land with EBRPD as written in the Contra Costa Times.